Talent Transformation

Our training methodology offers your colleagues the required knowledge and exposure for them to be competent enough for organisational transformation requirements. Our trainers are from the industry with an experience spanning more than 10 years on the relevant technologies. We know that practical skills are an essential part of competence and our unique training methodology focuses on developing the right skills for them to deliver results. Our Corporate training service currently offers:


Robotic Process Automation

For successful RPA implementation you will need the right combination of knowledge and skills. Our instructor-led live RPA training courses provide participants the required knowledge for successful RPA implementation within the organisation.the required knowledge for successful RPA implementation within the organisation.


Test Automation

The software industry is currently going through a huge transformation process with Agile and DevOps progression and has changed the way that software is developed and delivered. Our Test Automation training starts from the principles of Test Automation, Test Automation strategies and covers advance test automation methods.The participants will be empowered to be a part of your organisation’s successful test automation transformation journey