About Us

At Quadance, we understand the challenges faced by the business due to inefficient process and the cost overheads induced by poor quality. We endeavour to help organizations in their digital transformation by utilising our extensive experience in implementing automated process simplifications and quality assurance.

Our philosophy is to embrace simplicity and provi de simple and efficient solutions to reduce complexity. We strive to provide best in class experience to our customers and employees …

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Our Services

At Quadance, we believe that our customers’ success is ours and
that drives us to find solutions that are best suited for each customer.

Intelligent Automation

We blend AI and RPA to transform businesses with streamlined workflows, cost-effective operations, and AI-powered insights.

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AI-powered Document Processing

Unlock trapped business data from PDFs, scanned images or any documents using our AI-based bots. Highly customizable for seamless integration.

Intelligent Workflow Automation

Streamline your workflows with our custom solution that leverages AI/ML for data classification, RPA bots for process automation, and analytics for effective business insights.

Conversational AI

Enhance customer satisfaction and streamline support via advanced NLP-powered chatbots on your website or mobile app.

Automation Consulting

We’re your trusted partner for automation solutions. Our expert team assesses your processes, customizes strategies, and integrates cutting-edge technology for scalable automation. With comprehensive training and support, we ensure your success.

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Setup Automation Center of Excellence

Establish a best-in-class CoE for RPA & Intelligent Automation, developing a holistic automation strategy, upscaling capacity, and implementing a robust governance framework. Leverage expertise/partnership with UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Microsoft Power Automate, Robocop, and more.

Low code/No code Development

Create sophisticated web apps and mobile apps quickly and easily with our expertise in low-code/no-code tech like Microsoft Power Platform, Appian, and UiPath.

Application Test Automation

Develop and implement a Test Automation Framework for standardized application testing, boosting consistency and efficiency across multiple projects.


Our automation accelerators fast-track your journey to efficiency, cost savings, and
productivity. Choose from pre-built solutions, industry-specific templates, and robust frameworks.

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Custom Orchestrator for open source RPA Bots

Manage all your bots from a centralized platform with our on-premises or cloud-based orchestrator, optimized for open-source RPA tools.

Web Data Extraction

We are specialists in extracting custom data from complex websites, addressing the unique requirements of your business.

Work with us

An Amazing Place to work

RPA Developers

You will be responsible for developing automated business processes for our customers.

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Test Automation Specialists

You will be responsible for identifying and developing test automation.

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